Ideas on Buying Beach Cruiser Bicycles

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Ideas on Buying a Beach Cruiser Bicycle

If you're considering a beach cruiser bicycle, you may be looking for a bicycle that allows you to take leisurely rides on flat, even surfaces. After all, that's what beach cruisers were designed for. These bicycles are designed to allow the rider to sit upright on the seat. This helps to alleviate stress on the back, which on most bicycles occurs when the rider is forced lean forward towards the handlebars. If you have a bad back or experience aches and pains when riding a traditional bicycle, a beach cruiser bike may be perfect for you.

You'll of course notice that beach cruisers come in every sort of style, size, and color. However, besides basic style considerations, a big choice you will have to make at some point when buying your beach cruiser is whether to select a multi-speed or single speed bicycle. You should base this decision on how you will be using your bicycle. If you will be riding on sand a great deal and will be largely on flat terrain, a single speed cruiser might be right you. This is especially true if you don't want to ride for very long periods of time and don't have any interest in becoming a speed demon. Basic single speed beach cruisers are very simple to use, and don't require you to think much about which gear to shift into. They have a basic coaster brake for stopping. The lack of gears ensures that sand does not cause problems for you when you are riding on sand, and as long as you don't have great demands on your bike, single speed will generally provide you with everything you need to get from point A to point B in style.

It however, if you will be riding on hills, or if you want to ride over longer distances, you may want the flexibility of a multi-speed beach cruiser. Most multi-speed beach cruisers have three to seven speeds. Most multi-speed beach cruisers also have grip shifters, which allow you to twist the grip to shift your speed. How many speeds you select will depend on how you'll be using your bicycle. If you will just be tackling some hills, a basic three speed bike will be enough. However, if you plan on going off-roading or want the versatility of being able to take your beach cruiser almost anywhere, six or seven speeds will be better for you.

When looking at beach cruisers, you'll also notice that you have a choice between steel and aluminum construction. Generally, which you choose will depend on where you live. If you live near the sea or ocean, aluminum should be your choice because it will rust less in the salty ocean air. If you live somewhere where moisture not problem, you may often for steel frames, which provide a bit of a smoother ride than aluminum. Consider, too, were you will be storing your beach cruiser bicycle. If you will be storing your bike indoors, get a steel framed biked. It however, your beach cruiser will be stored outdoors much of the time, get an aluminum frame beach cruiser bike with alloy rims to prevent rusting.

The main problem for many customers is they are not sure what's the differences are between a low grade beach cruiser and a high quality beach cruiser bicycle. The first clue is where you purchase your bicycle. Discount stores and discount franchises tend to stock up on the cheapest bicycles, which are designed mainly to look attractive. If you want to buy a high quality beach cruiser that will be easy on your joints and will provide you with hours of fun rides, you want to speak to someone who is expert at the beach cruiser bicycle. For example, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bikesxpress specialize only in beach cruisers, and can help you select from the hundreds of styles available so that you select the right beach cruiser for you.

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