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Beach Cruiser is a family name of bicycles of a classic style, which is further divided into subcategories of 26in 24in, 20in, 29in, chopper stretch beach cruisers and 3 Wheelers. Each of these subcategory styles are very popular among cyclists. For example, the 26in beach cruiser bike is the most famous for its classic appearance which is unique from any other type of bicycle, and by uniqueness it means its tires, its wider saddle, its handlebars, its weight, its structure and most important its function. These bikes come in both steel and alloy as the frame material both having benefits and disadvantages relating to its weight and overall strength. Most generally people who take long rides like 26in with either 3 speed or 7 speed gears as it helps them to cover greater distances more conveniently than any other bicycle. Why it is called 26in? Because of its tire size, it has bigger sized tires, people with average height can easily use this size of bicycle. Another unique model is chopper, highly customized, specially designed stretch beach cruisers which are extremely popular. Many people buy them and then customize them even further. This style is actually an inspiration from chopper motorcycles originally from west coast custom motorcycles.

Beach Cruiser bikes cover every aspect of the recreational cyclists requirements. One buys a bicycle for fun and enjoyment, one buys it for daily routine commuting, one buys it for health and fitness, one buy it for stunts, and chopper lovers are unique among all, because their main focus always remain on how to customize and design the most unique stunning bicycle. There are 3 wheelers which are very safe for children and aged riders, 3 wheeler riders almost never fall from their bicycles unless they try to do stunts. We highly recommend you to take a look at all of the different options and select from our wide range of highly affordable beach cruiser bikes. Our pricing on these bikes cannot be beat and the choice is yours from these many options.








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