How to Choose the Perfect Electric Mountain Bike

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How to choose the perfect electric mountain bike

Over the years, the electric mountain bike market has experienced a lot of growth and new electric drive systems and component technologies are abundant in bikes today. Since you’re here, you might be thinking about buying a new electric bike for mountain cycling and trail riding. There are many factors that should be considered before buying an electric mountain bike.

The most important factor is the terrain you’ll be riding. If you already mountain bike frequently, you’ll find electric counterparts are very similar to traditional bikes.

Electric bike motor systems

Being new to the electric bike world, you must understand different types of motors are built to match different types of terrain. Before you choose a brand, you must choose the most suitable motor for your riding style. There are two main types: hub motors and mid-drive motors.

Hub motors, also known as wheel motors, were launched first in the market. This design unevenly distributed weight towards the rear of the bike, making them unsuitable for electric mountain bikes. In fact, it’s also been found that these bikes heat up during the long climbs. The introduction of mid-drive motors has nearly eliminated the use of hub motors. These are the best and safest motors for electric mountain bikes.


Generally, you’ll find the batteries on these bikes on top of the bottom tube. However, many manufacturers are moving towards in-tube batteries that lower the bike’s center of gravity and give it a sleek appearance.


Like we mentioned above, the trail or the terrain you’ll be riding is an important factor when making your decision. For example, the terrain will help you decide if you need wider tires, bigger wheels, a full-suspension rig, or only a fork suspension. The section below elaborates further.

  • Gravel roads and trail riding: A front suspension fork is recommended. Although a rear-suspension electric mountain bike will perform well on a gravel road, it is not required. You’ll need larger wheels and bicycle tires with smaller angles to overcome the obstacles.


  • Single-track trail riding: It’s recommended you use a wider tire that has lower pressure so you’re able to grip the ground at higher speeds. You must have rear suspension to absorb the bumps and jumps of the road.


  • Downhill riding: Suspension and brakes are recommended for a safe and fun ride. Although you’ll be riding at a higher speed, more suspension will give you more confidence.


It can be a bit hard to find the right bike for your riding environment and style. Luckily the experts at Bikes Xpress can help you find the best electric mountain bike. Browse our online inventory of electric mountain bikes for sale today!

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