Bicycle Lights

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Bicycle lights are important accessories to both improve your visibility - night and day - on the road and improve your ability to see the road at night. Some important things to consider when making a bicycle light purchase:

Front light, rear light or a light set: We recommend buying a set so you get both front and rear visibility. You can also get a helmet light if you want the ability to move your light as you ride.
Battery Type: You can purchase rechargeable or non-rechargeable (conventional) batteries. Rechargeable (via USB) are becoming more popular to keep down costs and helping the environment. The flip side is that they may require constant recharging versus conventional batteries. 
Mount Type: Options typically include strap mounted or bracket mounted. Straps are easier to install and remove, yet not as durable as brackets.

      We bring you high quality lights by the best brands - Cateye, Niterider, Lezyne, Sunlite and more. Discover our huge selection and do not forget to read the detailed description available with each listing.