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At Bikes Xpress we carry a large line of varied accessories to add style to your bike as well as improve function for whatever your needs or desires are.  We can help you make your bike more commuter friendly or just help you get more looks from surrounding people while riding by.  There are many choices for you all at the best prices! Call us if there is something you are looking for but cannot find.



Bicycle Baskets

Basket Liners

Bicycle Lights

Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle Racks and Trailers

Bicycle Bags

Bicycles Bells

Bicycle Horns

Bicycle Computers

Baby Bike Seat

Phone & Tablet Holders

Bicycle Locks



Handlebar tape

Cold Weather Accessories

Car Bicycle Racks

Seat Covers


Back Cushions

Body Care


Lubes and Cleaners

Cup Holders

Locking Hard Shell Rear Rack Trunk Box Multiple Colors