The Benefits of buying a motorized bike

Bikes Xpress Staff

There are tons of reasons to invest in a good, well made, motorized bike


1. Fuel Consumption- Since a motorized bicycle runs a small motor (48-80cc), the amount of gas it takes to operate is minimal. We are seeing 120+mpg from the 2 stroke and up to 160+ mpg for the 4 stroke! If you do the math that is 5-6 times cheaper than your average car ($100 dollars in gas turns into $18-20). If you have a small commute to work, store, or friends house, the value will add up quickly and your bike can pay for itself within a year.

2. ECO (Going Green)- The less fuel we use, the less pollutants in the air as well consumption. These motors run clean, are small and keep your carbon footprint minimal.

3. Avoid crazy fees- Stay in the bike lane, wear a helmet, obey all traffic laws, stay under 30mph and you can save big money! You do not need to register or insure these bikes. That can save some people hundreds of dollars and long waits at the DMV. Make sure to purchase a very good lock though!

4. The Cool Factor- These Motorized Bicycles are very maneuverable and lightweight. This is an added value because you can just pull up to bike rack in town or on campus and lock it up. You can put the bikes on the back of your car, RV and have satellite transportation. Many People use them as a tool for camping. Park the RV and have the bikes for errands or cruising! Weighing in at about 60-80 pounds makes them a great tool for you daily or crazy life.

5. Originality- Since these motorised bikes are not widely known yet, you could be the coolest person in your town! Start the trend and be an example. Be prepared because you will be stopped by many people. Some just curious and some that want to buy! We have customers that sell their bikes right when they get them and order more.

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