The Unique Beach Cruiser Bike

Damon Miller
The Unique Beach Cruiser Bike

Beach cruisers are bicycles which were first made in the 1930s and 1940s and skyrocketed to popularity in the 1950s. Characterized by extended handlebars, fenders, baskets, over sized seats, thick wheels, and supporting steel rods, beach cruiser bicycles were and still are among the most versatile bikes out there. Thanks to supporting steel rods, beach cruisers can easily handle the weight of the ride as well as a picnic basket or child. The wide wheels make the bike stable enough even for a rider with a huge backpack.

Unlike many of today’s bikes, beach cruisers are not designed just for speed and style. Although the beach cruiser bicycle has a retro look that charms most riders, it is really the comfort and versatility of beach cruisers that convince most customers. Beach cruisers are meant to be ridden and they are meant to be comfortable. They certainly deliver on both fronts. Not only do beach cruiser bikes offer an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride, but they are also durable and extremely flexible. They can take you anywhere where there is a smooth, flat surface -- from the hardpacked sand of the beach to the city streets.

Today, beach cruisers come with additional features and special characteristics that make them even more flexible. Multi-speed models, for example can take you off-roading on rougher terrain. Some beach cruiser bikes today come with hanging baskets that are similar to the BMW motorcycle saddle bags. Like the saddle bags, the hanging baskets are completely detachable. Other beach cruiser bicycles come with duck tail fenders, 144 spokes, or Springer forks. Optional bike pipes emit a sound similar to a motorcycle engine. Additionally, beach cruiser owners can accessories with bells, horns, inner tube caps, and many other accessories. Today's beach cruisers are also made of much lighter materials -- most often aluminum – than their earlier counterparts. This makes it easier and less strenuous to really get up to a good speed.

While mean cruisers can bring you many years of fun, they're not only all the made the same. Cheaper beach cruiser bikes are generally made of cheaper parts and are made with less care. This results in pedals breaking off, misaligned wheels, and ball bearings that go bad. This can make your ride far more exhausting and painful -- even dangerous. Cheaper beach cruisers also do not provide the same smooth and easy pedaling as their well-made counterparts. Many customers who have bought a low-quality beach cruiser report that their knees and back become sore after just a short ride. However, this can be easily resolved by upgrading to a better quality beach cruiser. The good news is, a good quality beach cruiser bike still costs far less than a trendy mountain bicycle. Call us at Bikesxpress One-Stop Cruiser Shop and we can help you select a high quality beach cruiser bicycle that will bring you many years of great fun.