What is a Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Damon Miller

What are the common aspects of all beach cruiser bicycles?

Beach cruiser bicycles offer you everything that you would expect from a bike. Sometimes these are cheaper than equivalent mountain and road bikes. Beach cruiser bikes are most often purchased for fun and enjoyment, daily routine commuting, health and fitness, stunts, and everything else you would like to do with your bike.

However, you might not be able to use these to ride down mountains, through traffic, and to win races. These bikes are best suited for riders who covet comfort as a top priority. Let’s take a glance at some of the common aspects of all beach cruiser bicycles:

  1. Brakes

To stop beach cruiser bicycles, you don’t pull the brakes with your hands. Instead of that, you push back on the pedals. If you have ever used this type of bike, you know how awesome it is to do brake skids.

2. Frames

The frames of these bikes are generally made using steel. Because of this, they are heavier than other types of bikes. Their heavy weight makes them more stable, easy to handle, and less prone to wobble. Because of their increasing popularity, some of their models are constructed using aluminum.

  1. Gears

Traditional beach cruiser bicycles don’t have gears because they usually don’t need gears. You don’t need gears when you are typically riding on a flat surface. But these days, you will often find these bikes with gears.

  1. Handlebars and Pedals

Their handlebars and pedals are a bit forward than other bikes. These bikes are known for putting no pressure on your back and encouraging a more relaxed ride.

  1. Saddles

These bikes have wide posterior accommodating saddles with springs. These give the best comfort of the cycling world to your butts.

  1. Tires

Their tires are often called balloon or extra wide tires. These are thicker and rarely go flat. These are perfect for a stable ride and traversing sidewalks and boardwalks with great ease. You can live your dream of riding a bike on an actual beach on this type of bike.

The women’s beach cruiser and men’s beach cruiser only differ in aesthetics. Otherwise, these are similar to each other. If you’re interested in buying cheap beach cruiser bikes, Bikes Xpress is your one-stop destination. Visit our online inventory to find the perfect bike for you.