Bicycle Choppers Lifestyle Riding

Damon Miller
Early History of Bicycle Choppers (flat) has been circulating for years, although nobody knows exactly when the Chopper Bicycles started to circulate on the streets. Bicycle Choppers are the result of a movement Lowrider (Lowrider movement) during the 60s. At first low rider bikes style is only used to modify the automobile. Because the expensive car at the time, young children are interested in this movement is not sangup to be a part. Instead they began to modify their existing bikes.
In 1963 Schwinn bicycle manufacturer in Chicago, issued a new product that is SCHWINN stingray. Stingray made to resemble dragster, one trend that is very popular motorcycle of its time. Stingray has made the bike more fun than just transportation. In 1964 George Barris who was asked to Hollywood as the "king custom" because of his work that is widely used by Hollywood, was inspired to modify it. Bicycle specially made for Eddie Munster on "The Munsters", is the Monster Koach and Dragula. Perhaps this is the moment in the documented history of successful Chopper bicycles, as a beginning.

History at the Bicycle Choppers Lowrider IndonesiaSepeda type of entry into Indonesia in the late 70s as diverse as one mini moped. Since the time of circulation or distribution is fairly narrow approximately ten years, making the bike of this type amounted to little more than a bicycle type Ontel, MTB, and BMX Mini. Apart from Indonesia, mostly with the type of stingray bikes low rider beach cruiser 20 and 26 imported (imported) from Asian countries like Japan and China, although there are also a fraction of the continent such as America and western Europe. Of Indonesia's famous brands are Benny Indonesia, Japan is famous for its brand of Benny Japan, Fuji Feather, and others, the Chinese state with Phoenix and the western continental country with a Schwinn (Chicago USA), Raleigh (UK), Stelber (United States), Murray (United States), Western Flyer (United States) or any of Low rider Bicycle (United States / Australia).
Low rider flow or often called a flat entrance Indonesia in the mid 90s. At first Chopper Bicycles performed only for motor vehicles, especially cars. Because capital issued is not too expensive, many are adopting this genre. At the end of '90 this genre widely adopted by users motorcycles. To own a bike no one knows exactly when the flow starts Lowrider followed, around 2003 along with the many users and modifying motorcycles that are interested in playing this type of bike, lowrider began to flow much quoted as a basis for modifying the bike.