Electric Folding Bikes

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Have fun, save money, beat the traffic, and save the environment on your commute or recreational rides! Electric folding bikes are compact and easy to carry around. These bikes are portable and can easily be kept in small spaces without worrying about taking up storage space or having to lock up outside. Fear of theft of your bike can be avoided! 

There are many factors to consider when buying an affordable electric bicycle that folds.  Will it fit into the size space that you require? Does the chosen bicycle fold easily and quickly? Does it have the range, speed and motor strength that your require for the distance and terrain you plan to travel? 

If you are looking for more information on the perfect sized bicycle that allows you to enjoy cycling anywhere, shop our selection of top-quality, affordable folding bikes at BikesXpress. 

Please call us with any and all questions you have while trying to make this decision and to learn how you can enjoy your cycling to the fullest! We love helping our customers to make the best decisions for themselves.

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