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Racing has become a lifestyle for many people these days.  People are looking for high-quality bikes to turn their dreams into reality. Your performance depends on the type and quality of bike you own. To help you choose a bike with performance driven designs, we are here.

BikesXpress is an eminent store in the US with an excessive collection of bikes, tires, and other accessories. We are glad to introduce the exciting range of 700c Track wheels which are light in weight and available in different colors.  With just a click, choose from a large selection of versatile tires.

ISD 700c 45mm Wheel, Set, 1s FX/FW, 100-120mm, 32H


Vuelta 700c ZeroLite Track Comp Wheel, Set, 1s FX/FW, 100-120mm, 32H
$129.95 | $155.99