WTB Venture TCS Light Fast Rolling Tire, 650BC x 47mm, Tubeless Folding, Belted, Black


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Wtb SKU: J592889

• Supportive centerline tread provides traction on hardpack terrain while the countless working edges of the intermediate ridges grab hold on gravel or dirt and the two rows of outer knobs provide additional cornering confidence and sidewall protection in loose or rocky conditions
• The increased footprint of the Venture allows for more working edges of the tread to always be in contact with the terrain
• Rounded profile with vertical channels to enhance cornering characteristics
• TCS - WTB`s Tubeless Compatible System, sealant based tubeless system with improved bead shape
• Light - Lighter weight compound conforms to trail objects while still providing a happy balance between low rotational weight and reliability
• FR - Fast Rolling, with WTB`s Dual DNA rubber compound that optimizes efficiency, traction and durability, A firm, long-wearing centerline tread with softer side knobs
• SG2 - Defends all surfaces of a tire by providing an uninterrupted layer of puncture protection from bead to bead


Size: 650B x 47
ISO: 584
Bead: TBLS - Fold
Belted: Belted
Color: Black
Weight(g): 617
TPI: 120