Mobo Mega Mini Red Three Wheeled Cruiser


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Mobo Cruiser SKU: Tri-603R

Mobo Mega Mini. The Roll-to-Ride Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser. The Mobo Mega Mini Roll-to-Ride is a luxury three wheeled cruiser that will have your child cruising in style. Created for children between the ages of 18 to 60 months, this roll-to-ride cruiser was designed to develop hand-eye coordination and muscle strength while allowing his or her imagination to run wild. This cruiser will take your child through multiple riding stages: from parents assisting with push bar (stage 1); to foot rest being removed where child will learn pedaling (stage 2); to independent riding (stage 3). This adjustable frame will grow with your child for years to come. The ergonomic seating position makes riding more comfortable and safe as well as providing proper angles for developing leg strength. The unique steering system makes it so much fun to ride which increases physical activity for your child. This high quality product will WOW with its sturdy material, comfortable seat, and chainless structure, allowing your child to create memories, explore new adventures, and stay active for years to come.The Mobo Mega Mini's adjustable push bar is the perfect accessory for your new Mobo. It is easily detachable from the cruiser and the foot rest includes grip surface, allowing riders to rest easy when pushed. The seat belt ensures maximum safety for your child. This amazing combo pack instantly makes the learning experience more fun, safe, comfortable, and easy.


Dimension:   30Õå (L) / 34Õå(L-Extended) x 20Õå(W) x 18Õå(H)

Frame Material:  Steel

Product Weight:  30 lbs.

Weight Capacity:  100 lbs.

Height Capacity:  Up to 42Õå

Recommended Age:  18-60 months old

Gearing:   Single Speed

Steering Mechanism:  Rear Steering Handlebars

Hub:    Free-Wheel Mechanism

Brake System:   Hand Caliper

Chain Material:  Chainless

Wheel Size:   12Õå Front; 6.5Õå Rear

Tire Type:   Front: Inflatable Rubber Tire;  Rear: Never-Flat Tires

Seat Height:   8Õå Above the ground

Gross Weight:   36 lbs.

Recommended Riding Area: Flat and Smooth Surfaces 

Mobo Mega Mini Features

ÕË Stage 1 (Push Bar, Foot Rest, and Seat Belt): Parents assist with strolling and exploration. Stage 2 (Foot Rest removed): learn to pedal. Stage 3 (Push Bar removed): Independent balance and riding.

ÕË Ergonomically designed for toddlers and preschoolers

ÕË Never flat, High quality, and durable tires

ÕË Caliper handbrake with auto-steering alignment 

ÕË Low-to-the-ground frame for optimal stability

ÕË Adjustable frame that grows with your child

ÕË Innovative rear-wheel steering system

ÕË High performance

ÕË Push Bar ձ adjustable height and comfortable foam grip

ÕË Comfortable cushioned seat with stylish design 

ÕË Foot Rest ձ non-slip grip

ÕË Seat Belt ձ snug fitting three-point harness

ÕË No chain for low maintenance

ÕË Safety flag included for optimal visibility

ÕË Safe, durable, yet easy and fun to ride

ÕË Fastening Harness - snug and easily detachable