Firmstrong CA-520 7 Speed Alloy - Men's 26" Cruiser Bike


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19" Frame; 26" Wheels
Forward pedaling design
KMC Z-410
Shimano 7 speed
Front Brake:
Alloy V hand brake
Front Hub:
Alloy 36H
Painted black, Comfort Cruiser Bend
Included; Steel
Rubber Block
Rear Brake:
Alloy V hand brake
Rear Derailer:
Shimano Tourney 7 spd
Alloy Black 26" x 2.125 x 36H
Classic Padded Dual Spring Saddle
Seat Post:
Steel 25.4mm x 350mm
Alloy Black
Kenda All Black 26" x 2.125
Bottom Bracket:
One piece 24 tpi
Forged One Piece, 40T
Black, Stainless steel spokes, all black components, Shimano 7 speed.
Recommended Rider Height:
Fits Most Men 5 4 6 4  Tall
Maximum Rider Weight:
250 Pounds

The frame is 19 high with an extra 4 of length and is a suitable cruiser bike size for most men 5 4 6 4 tall.  The frame design is very different from a typical bike, in which the pedals usually sit directly below the rider s hips.  On the CA-520, the pedals are moved forward 4 allowing the rider to have their feet in front as opposed to below.  This is a nice feature for taller riders because it creates additional space for their legs, making the bike less cramped.  Also, it creates a more stretched and laid back feel that many Beachbikers prefer.  The frame is fully composed of steel, one of the most durable metals, and can last forever if taken care of properly.  Rusting on the frame will not be an issue because it is completely painted which acts as a protective coating.  The frame design is a new school design with a high arching top tube that slopes down.  This design makes it easy for riders to get on and off because they can easily step over the top tube to mount the bike.

The CA-520 7 Speed has seven speeds that give riders the perfect amount of variance in resistance on rides.  Gear one will make pedaling very easy, which is ideal for slow cruising and uphill riding.  Gear seven will provide a lot of resistance, making pedaling more difficult, which is ideal for faster speeds and longer, straight away riding.  Depending on incline/decline, a rider can adjust the gear to suit the difficulty of pedaling.  The different gears make riding fun by allowing the rider to choose the optimal gear for desired speed and incline.