WTB Judge TCS Tough Fast Rolling Tire, 29" x 2.4", Tubeless Folding, Black

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SKU: J592037 Wtb

• Rear specific aggressive gravity tire with large alternating wide and long ramped center knobs paired with large shoulder knobs for riding in loose, rocky or wet conditions as well as dry performance
• Designed for a wider rims to provide a flatter overall profile for improved grip and dig in the corners
• Tough - A double layer of light casing, TCS Tough tires are composed of two full layers of casing, bead-to-bead, leaving no area unprotected on our burliest tires
• FR - Fast Rolling, with WTB`s Dual DNA rubber compound that optimizes efficiency, traction and durability, A firm, long-wearing centerline tread with softer side knobs
• TT - WTB`s new triple compound, TriTec featuring a hard base level, medium center knobs and softer shoulder knobs for improved traction and performance


Size: 27.5" x 2.5"
ISO: 622
Bead: TBLS - Fold
Color: Black
PSI: 50
Weight(g): 1281
TPI: 60