Seatylock Comfort Chameleon Black Bike Lock and Seat in One


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Bikes Express SKU: 3875-2

This new invention bike lock that is also a wide comfort saddle is designed for customers who want the ultimate comfort and always keep their bike safe. Since it is always on the bike you never leave home without your lock and your saddle can never get stolen which happens to many people. The lock is 1 meter long allowing for a long reach and very quickly converts back and forth from seat to lock. The product is built to be rust free and has a plastic cover which is UV protected. Another bonus is the "floating" construction of it makes it shock resistant for added comfort.

The lock components are also anti-drilling for even more safety. Don't forget the added bonus of not having to carry around a bulky lock.

Fast and Easy to use – Easy and convenient to operate 
Anti-Drilling components – Cylinders and other components are drilling resistant 
Protected against elements – Metal components are rust free and plastic cover is UV protected 
Bike's Frame Protection - Links are plastic coated to prevent scratches
Silent ride – There is rattle elimination  since the lock is part of the saddle