Prologo Nago X10 CPC Airing Saddle, 275mm x 135mm, Tirox Rail, Black


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Prologo SKU: J50536

• Unisex semi round saddle ideal for medium to long distance riding
• The X10 model has a shape and padding that is refined for 110-150mm travel mountain bikes and XC/Trail applications
• The innovative features of the CPC Airing, positioned in strategic areas of the saddle, provides maximum shock absorbing, anti-vibration and allows the rider to keep the best position on the saddle
• Compared to the standard CPC version, air cooling is improved by 10%, while the shock absorbtion is improved by 15%
• CPC: Connect, Power Control: Prologo patented technology, the specially designed CPC surface features 3D polymer volcanoes arranged for maximum benefit


Use: Offroad
Rail: Tirox
Cover Material: Microfiber
Padding: Light Foam
Color: Black
Size (LxW): 275mmx135mm
Weight: 241g
Gender: Unisex