Prologo Dimension Tri CPC Saddle, 245mm x 143mm, Nack Rail, Grey/Black


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Prologo SKU: J50727

• New V-Shape base paired with a wider tip and larger seating area improve comfort and overall performance
• Variable density foams throughout further improve long term comfort and reduce pressure especially while in an aerodynamic position
• PAS - features a channel in the seat to alleviate pressure and numbness in the pelvic region by promoting healthy perineal blood flow
• CPC Models feature material on top of the saddle that provides higher grip, better airflow and vibration absorption
• Nack models feature a Nano Carbon composite rail paired with reinforced seat clamp area for the perfect fusion of performance and reliability
• Tirox model features an aerospace light Ti-Alloy rail that provides a balance of weight and strength


Use: Triathlon
Rail: Nack
Color: Grey/Black
Size (LxW): 245mmx143mm
Weight: 191g
Gender: Unisex