Prologo Dimension AGX Saddle, 245mm x 143mm, T4.0 Rail, Black


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Prologo SKU: J50793

• Super ergonomic, flat nose saddle with a short slender nose and wide tail for improved power transfer in or out of the saddle
• The increased 143mm width, helps to distribute the weight of the athletes on a larger surface, ensuring greater comfort for long rides
• The wide anatomical channel “PAS” runs through the saddle along its central axis, reduces the contact and compression of soft tissues and tendons, eliminating numbness and helping to prevents prostate problems
• The AGX line is designed to assure the maximum level of comfort and performance within an economic range with the Akero being the entry level option
• AGX saddles offer a more flexible base and additional padding to reduce shock and vibration associated with gravel and adventure riding
• T4.0 rail is a new redesigned chromoly rail with reduced weight while maintaining the same strength
• PAS - features a channel in the seat to alleviate pressure and numbness in the pelvic region by promoting healthy perineal blood flow


Use: Gravel/Adventure
Rail: T4.0
Color: Black
Size (LxW): 245mmx143mm
Weight: 219g
Technology: PAS
Gender: Unisex