Momas Electric Scooter


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The MOMAS Electric Scooter is designed with patented foldable handlebars for quick and easy folding, magnesium alloy frame and wide ride board to give you the perfect ride.The scooter is engineered for three things: Speed (Power), Efficiency (Range) and Comfort (Materials). They designed unique, patented features that sets it apart from cheap knockoffs. Fold down handlebars, 7.5" Wide-ride board, Integrated dashboard, Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, all weighing less than two bowling balls.The magnesium alloy frame makes the Momas Electric Scooter lightweight and portable....weighing just 28.6 lbs, you can take your ride with you wherever you go. Perfect for that last mile commute to work or to school, or just for fun at the beach, in the park or just cruising the block. 

Momas has a beast under the hood--a 350W electric motor that actually has peak output at over 750 watts! Combined with the rechargeable lithium ion battery, Momas has all the power you will need to go as fast and as far as you want. See more on Speed and Range below. They designed the Scooter to accelerate to top speed quickly, but what if you just want to cruise? You can choose from three different speed settings right on the dashboard (LO, MED, HI) to make sure you travel at the speed that makes the most sense for your surroundings.

The Momas can accommodate riders of any size, with it's sleek, adjustable handlebars. Height can be adjusted from 36" to 46.5".

  • Make / Model: Momas Electric Scooter Electric Bike 
  • Class: Throttle on Demand (Class 2) 
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive 

Electronic Details:

  • Motor Type / Nominal Output:Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub / 350 watt
  • Battery Voltage / Amp Hours : LG lithium ion 36 volt / 9 ah 
  • 1.2 lb 2A charger
  • Estimated Charge Time / Max Range: 3 hrs / up to 20 miles 
  • Display Type / Readouts:Fixed Monochrome Backlit LCD / Battery Charge Indicator, Speed (mph, kph), Speed Mode (Hi, Med, Lo), Odometer. trip mileage, residual mileage, running time, total mileage and error display
  • Drive Modes / Top Speed: Trigger Throttle / 15 mph 

Scooter Details:

  • Total Weight:30 lbs 
  • Maximum Capacity 250lbs
  • Frame Types:Folding
  • Frame Material / Frame Colors: Magnesium Alloy / Black
  • Geometry Measurements: Folded Dimensions: 45" x 7.5" x 13", Unfolded Dimensions: 45" x 21" x 36"-46.5" (adjustable handlebar height),wide 7.5" deck
  • Stem / Handlebar: Tool-Free Adjustable Height, telescoping / Folding, or Flat 20.5"
  • Brakes Details: Vented Diacompe Mechanical Disc Brake in Rear, with Motor Inhibitor lever 
  • Grips:Rubber, Ergonomic
  • Tire  / Wheel Sizes / Tire Details / Tube Details: 10 x 2.125" tire on 10in wheel / Inflatable  / Schrader Valve
  • Lights: Independent headlight and Integrated Tailight that turns on when brakes are applied or option for continuous light with a button on the handlebars
  • Accessories / Other Details: Front and Rear Fenders, Single Side Kickstand on Left Rear