Mobo Triton Blue Three Wheeled Cruiser


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Mobo Cruiser SKU: Tri-001B

Mobo Triton. The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser (Youth)Original to the Mobo line, the Mobo Triton is anything but rudimentary. With its ultra-maneuverability and way cool design, it is unparalleled as a three-wheeled cruiser for big kids. A simple steering mechanism and low-to-the-ground chassis makes the Mobo Triton the perfect companion for a brisk work out resulting in increased cardiovascular health and hand-eye coordination. Looking for a bike to fit your growing adolescent? The Mobo Triton includes an adjustable frame to fit heights up to 5 feet 5 inches. Caliper handbrakes, a front free-wheel mechanism, and ergonomic seating are just a few of the many features. Do not just take our word, Come and get your ride on!

Mobo Triton Specifications     

Dimension:   41Õå (L) / 51Õå (L-Extended) x 26.5Õå (W) x 25Õå (H)

Frame Material:   Steel

Product Weight:  39 lbs.

Weight Capacity:  220 lbs.

Height Capacity:  3Õ_5Õå - 5Õ_5Õå

Recommended Age:  7 and up

Gearing:   Single Speed

Steering Mechanism:  Rear Steering Handlebars

Hub:    Free-Wheel Mechanism

Brake System:   Hand Caliper

Chain Material:   Chainless

Seat Height:   11Õå Above the ground

Seat Features:   Cushioned

Wheel Size:   16Õå Front; 12Õå Rear

Tire Type:   Inflatable Rubber Tires

Bonus Material:   Safety Flag Included for Optimal Visibility

Recommended Riding Area: Flat and Smooth Surfaces 

Mobo Triton Features

ÕË Ergonomically designed cruiser 

ÕË Innovative steering system with no balance needed

ÕË Sturdy, adjustable frame that fits riders up to 5Õ_5Õå

ÕË Safety flag included for optimal visibility

ÕË Low-to-the-ground frame for optimal stability

ÕË Enhances hand-eye coordination and increases arm and leg muscle strength

ÕË Free-wheel without chain

ÕË Durable, high quality luxury with rugged yet sleek lines

ÕË Comfortable cushioned seat 

ÕË Caliper handbrake 

ÕË Recumbent-style design reduces shoulder and arm stress

ÕË Stylish look with appealing graphics