Mobo Shift Red Three Wheeled Cruiser


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Mobo Cruiser SKU: Tri-301R

Mobo Shift. The First Reversible Three Wheeled Cruiser in the World (Adult)Your age may say relax, but your heart screams for adventure! The Mobo Shift is the first three wheeled cruiser equipped with a reverse function. With such unique features as free-wheel maneuverability, a dual-joystick steering system and an ergonomic reclining-back seat with six angle settings, the Mobo Shift offers all ages (and most sizes) an adjustable frame, comfortable ride, and a fun-filled experience. Enhance your cardiovascular function while getting the invigorating exercise you require. Mobo Shift is cooler than average bikes and it meets the highest standards of innovation, fitness and style. Come get your Wow, Wow, Wow Experience!


Colors:    Black / Blue / Red 

Dimension:   48Õå (L) / 62Õå (L-Extended) x 28Õå (W) x 26.5Õå (H)

Frame Material:   Steel

Product Weight:  44 lbs.

Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.

Height Capacity:  4Õ_ - 6Õ_3Õå

Recommended Age:  12 and up

Gearing:   Single Speed with Reverse Function

Steering Mechanism:  Rear-Steering Handlebars

Hub:    Free-Wheel Mechanism

Brake System:   Hand Caliper and Emergency Brake System

Chain Material:   Chainless

Seat Height:   12Õå above the ground

Seat Angles:   60o ; 50o ; 45o ; 35o ; 30o ; 20o

Seat Features:   Cushioned

Wheel Size:   20Õå Front; 16Õå Rear

Tire Type:   Inflatable Rubber Tires

Bonus Material:   Safety Flag Included for Optimal Visibility

Recommended Riding Area: Flat and Smooth Surfaces

Carton Size:   41Õå (L) x 12Õå (W) x 23Õå(H)

Gross Weight:   55 lbs.


ÕË Ergonomically designed cruiser

ÕË Equipped with a reverse-gearing function ձ the very first of its kind

ÕË Innovative steering system with no balance needed

ÕË Sturdy, adjustable frame that fits most riders

ÕË Safety flag included for optimal visibility

ÕË Low-to-the-ground frame for optimal stability & safety

ÕË Brisk workout for arm and leg muscle strength

ÕË No chain, no mess, nothing to snag loose clothing 

ÕË Adjustable back support with six angle settings

ÕË Durable, high quality luxury with rugged yet sleek lines

ÕË Comfortable cushioned seat 

ÕË Caliper handbrake 

ÕË Recumbent-style design reduces shoulder and arm stress

ÕË Stylish look with appealing graphics