M-Wave ProTect Glove


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SKU: 719856-575859

Full Knuckle Protection
Full Finger Non-Slip Gloves with Gel Inlay
Allows for full mobile phone use
Washable, breathable and suited for grip shifts
Includes removal loops and in sizes S-XL

No need to remove your cycling glove just to answer your cell phone or access your trail map. The ProTect gloves from M-Wave provide maximum knuckle protection and comfort which makes for an ideal glove for the MTB and other off road uses.

M-Wave Apparel is function with fashion in all conditions from the desert heat to the blizzards of the Midwest.

M-Wave is our most popular line of products with the widest variety of cycling and sporting gear. From Locks to Lights, Bags to Bar Ends, M-Wave has you covered. Good price, great quality.