Kid Meteor | Cosmic Blast 10 Tricycle


SKU: KM014

Frame/Fork: Folding steel frame with steel fork
Wheels/Tires: Plastic wheels with hard foam tires
Drivetrain: Direct drive
Brakes/Cockpit: Child safety grips, padded handlebar, plastic bucket seat
Extras: Cargo bucket

Front fender reduces mud and water splash,Handlebar pad increases safety ,Attached Cargo Bucket ,Sturdy steel frame will take any punishment that a child can put it through with carrying handle for easy transport. For the child who likes to haul toys and other cargo, Kid Meteor Cosmic Blast Tricycle is a great option. The larger wheels allow the trike to manage the terrain better than smaller wheeled models. The attached cargo bucket is great for getting dolls and action figures to their destination.

Kid Meteor loves exploring the galaxy, looking for adventure where they go. Offering bikes, tricycles, scooters and more, your little explorer will have a blast riding these bikes.