Firmstrong 12" Children's Aluminum Balance Bike


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Firmstrong Children's Alloy Balance Bike, 12"
Firmstrong Children's Alloy Balance Bike, 12"
Firmstrong Children's Alloy Balance Bike, 12"
Firmstrong Children's Alloy Balance Bike, 12"

Children's Balance bike designed to teach kids to ride a bicycle without training wheels. The step-thru alloy frame and adjustable seat height makes it easy for kid's ages 18 months - 5 years to ride, making dismounting and riding easy for children of varying heights. Without pedals young riders power the bicycle by putting their feet on the ground and pushing. It allows the child to get used to balancing the bike under their own power. This builds their balance and coordination and better prepares them to ride a pedal bicycle than a bike with training wheels would. Features all of the same components as an adult bike but designed for the beginning rider. Very lightweight frame makes for easy transportation in and out of the car or to put on a shelf in your home when it's not being used. A great way to introduce your child to the freedom of bicycle.


  • Designed to teach kids to balance on their two wheel bike without training wheels or pedals, the child learns to move the bicycle under their own power
  • Perfect for ages 18 months to 5 years who are learning to ride a bicycle
  • Alloy frame with 12"" spoked wheels and air filled tires that are durable and functional, built to withstand years of use
  • The lightweight alloy-frame allows for easy transportation anywhere you'd like to bring the bike
  • Simplifies the process of learning to ride a bike for your children, developes their ability to balance and improves coordination


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