Enzo e-Bike Folding Electric Bicycle BLACK


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They are back! The Enzo electric folding bicycle is an amazing electric bike at a price that is shockingly low based on its components and extras and has gotten even better in 2016! You can fold this bike really easily and can achieve a range of 30-50 miles on a single charge. The battery is internal to and concealed by the frame but still removable and lockable. This allows for added protection and gives a sharp look to the bike. This is also ideal for the center of gravity of the bike and steadiness. Enzo eBike features magnesium wheels that are built to withstand the roughest conditions and allows for higher total load weight of 275lbs. Some of the upgrades for this latest model include Samsung 36V8.8Ah battery, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, upgraded display with a larger clearer screen with USB port for phone charging, now a Shimano 7 speed (used to be 6), wider 20 x 2.125 tires for smoother ride with reflective side walls, upgraded gel seat for added comfort as well an Iphone holder. All of these extras give this bike huge bang for the buck in the electric bike world not to mention the 2 year warranty. 

Electric Bike Review agrees with 4.5 stars! With a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, this bike meets federal regulations and is street legal so no license, registration, or insurance is needed to use (local laws may vary) 

Product Specifications: 
Frame: 6161 Aluminum Alloy Glow In the Dark Foldable Bike 
Weight: 44 lbs 
Motor: Rear Direct Drive 350-Watt Brushless 
Brakes: Front/Rear 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes with power cut off when braking 
Large LED Display: On/Off, Battery Life, Speed, Pedal Assist And Throttle Control IPhone Charger 
Tire Rims: Custom Mag wheel with oversize 20 x 2.125 wider tires for a smoother ride with glow in the dark/reflective sidewalls. 
Wire Harness: Molded With Waterproof Quick Connecting Plugs Color Coordinated for Easy Repairs 
Derailleur: Shimano 7 Speed 
Front & Rear Lights: LED 
Seat Post: Adjustable Aluminum Seat Post With Integrated Tire Pump! Gel Seat 
Battery: Samsung 36V 10.4Ah 
Range: 30 - 50 Miles 
Maximum load: 275 lbs 
Recharging Time: 2-5 Hours 
Extras: Storage/Carry Bag, fenders, ergonomic grips Aluminum Rear Rack, On/Off Keyed, folding pedals, derailleur guard