Caraci Fixed Gear Fixies F1.0 Ash 48cm


SKU: 428-F1.0ASH48

Special Limited Edition 48cm Caraci F1.0. Unmatched in its beauty, style with quality components at an amazing price.

Amazing Caraci F1.0 fixed gear Alloy bike! Least expensive new alloy fixie that you will find. Incredibly popular in Los Angeles. Be the first in your neighborhood/city to have one!  These are beautifully designed bikes with many different styles and colors available.  At this price point it is very surprising to see some of the higher end details like sealed cartridge wheel bearings, deep V 50mm rims and more.  

Caraci Fixed Gear F1.0 Frame: 700C, Aluminum Alloy, 48cm.   The bike will arrive in a factory sealed box approximately 85% assembled.

Caraci Fixed Gear F1.0 Frame: 700C, Aluminum Alloy, 48cm Fork: Alloy Bullhorn Handlebars: Alloy Stem: Alloy Crankset: 48T x 170mm / Alloy Flip Flop Hub: 14G x 32H / Alloy Rims: 26"/ Spokes: Steel Bladed (32 spokes/ Cross 3 configuration) Tires: 700C x 35mm 26lbs

IMPORTANT NOTE: These bicycles come partially assembled and require additional assembly, setup and tuning, including wheels, brakes and gears (if applicable). Professional assembly by a professional bicycle mechanic is highly recommended and is required for any warranty claims.