Bar Mitts Campy Sram Newer Shimano Black For Internally Routed Shifter Cables Small


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Bar Mitts for hidden cables that fit road bars where all the cables are wrapped under the bar tape.

  • Waterproof, 5mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination on both sides
  • Attach to bars, easily installed & removed for temperature changes
  • The difference from small to medium is about 1" around the opening where you slide into Mitt, medium to large is another 1" larger
  • Fits road bars and SRAM/Campy levers or areo brake levers where all the cables are wrapped under the bar tape.
  • Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness
  • Reflective material on seam & logo


  1. Open zipper and the two velcro straps next to zipper.
  2. Slide the zipper opening over bar end, brake lever and shifters.
  3. Secure velcro straps on inside of Mitt around bar end. This keeps Mitts in place while in use. The easiest way to secure the velcro is to slide one hand through the cuff opening and one hand through the zipper opening.
  4. Zip up zipper and secure velcro straps at handlebar end cables

(Internally Routed Cables)

  1. Holes with velcro tabs will face inside towards hadlebar stem for installation.
  2. Open velcro tabs at cuff and velcro cinch at small opening of Mitt. Slide the large opening of Mitt onto the drop of the handlebar and up over brake lever and shifters while feeding bar end through the small hole with cinch.
  3. Secure velcro around handlebar top.
  4. Secure and tighten velcro cinch at drop of handlebar. This will keep Mitts in place while in use.

Riding no hands is dangerous and can result in a crash with Bar Mitts installed. Due the added surface area created by the Bar Mitts, cross winds can cause an unexpected turn.