2014 Aaron Ross AM Plus Bmx Bikes For Sale


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The 2014 Aaron Ross Bmx bikes for sale starts with the blue with black splatter AM Plus. Aaron is known for his creative colorways & this bike is no exception. It_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ_ëÎë¢_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_Ñ_Ն_Ñ_s Sunday/Odyssey parts package, creative colorway & great price make this bike stand out & affordable. TOP TUBE LENGTH: 20.5" TT (RECOMMENDED FOR RIDERS 5'6"-6') Head Tube Angle: 75_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ____Չ_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______ŠëÎëŒ_Ñ_եë¢ Seat Tube Angle: 71_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ____Չ_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______ŠëÎëŒ_Ñ_եë¢ Chainstay Length: 13.25" Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5" Standover: 8.375_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ______‰ HANDLEBAR Rise: 8.5" Width: 28" Backsweep: 12_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ____Չ_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______ŠëÎëŒ_Ñ_եë¢ Upsweep: 1_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ____Չ_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______ŠëÎëŒ_Ñ_եë¢ IMPROVEMENTS OVER THE AM Fully sealed front and rear Sunday hubset FULL PARTS LIST FRAME: 20.5″ TT, Chromoly Down Tube and Dropouts FORK: AM Plus, Chromoly Steerer Tube and Dropouts HANDLEBAR: Triumph XL Replica 8.5″ x 28″, 12_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ____Չ_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______ŠëÎëŒ_Ñ_եë¢ Back, 1_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ____Չ_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_Ñ_Ն_Ñ__Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______ŠëÎëŒ_Ñ_եë¢ Up STEM: Sunday Freeze Front-Load Stem 48mm HEADSET: Sunday Integrated HEADSET CAP: Sunday M16 AL Pre-Load Bolt BRAKE LEVER: Odyssey Springfield BRAKE: Odyssey Springfield BRAKE CABLE: Odyssey Quik Slic GRIPS: Odyssey Ross SEAT: Odyssey Ross Principal Tripod SEAT POST: Tripod SEAT CLAMP: Sunday SPROCKET: Sunday, 25T, Steel CRANKS: 170mm, 3-piece, Chromoly BB PARTS: 19mm Sealed Mid PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC RIMS: Sunday Lightning Rim, 36H FRONT HUB: Sunday, 36H, Sealed, Female 3/8″ Axle REAR HUB: Sunday, 36H, Sealed, 9T SPOKES: Steel Black TIRES: Sunday Current 20_Ñ_ՆÕ____ե_____Š_Ñ_Õ_Õ____Չ_Ñ_Õ_Õ__Ñ_Õ_՚_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______Š_Ñ_ՆÕ____ë¢_Ñ_Նë¢_Ñ_ՆÕ_____Ñ______ŠëÎëŒ___Õ_2.25 (F & R) CHAIN: PYC 410H