16" Lowrider Bike 523-1


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Lowrider SKU: F505100

16" Lowrider Bike 523-1
16" Lowrider Bike 523-1
16" Lowrider Bike 523-1
16" Lowrider Bike 523-1
16" Lowrider Bike 523-1

Get this retro cruiser featuring banana seat, ape bars and cool chrome accessories.

NOTE ON COLORS: Lowrider doesn't provide product photos of the individual colors of these models. The differences in colors for the frames and/or accessories will be noted in the photo provided or, if not noted, can be assumed to be a color change in the frame only.

  • Lowrider Bicycle
  • 16" Original Lowrider Frame 
  • Lowrider Name Plate
  • Lowrider 16" 52 Spoke Front Wheels Chrome
  • Lowrider 16" 52 Spoke Rear Wheels Coaster Brake Chrome
  • Tires 16" x 1.75" Black White-Wall W/Lowrider Raised Letters
  • Tubes 16" x 1.75" American Valve
  • Rims Strip 16" x 1.75
  • Lowrider Banana Saddle Velour 
  • Lowrider Grips Sparkle 
  • Lowrider Bent Sissy Bar 90� Chrome
  • Bolt/Sissy Bar Clamp Chrome
  • Lowrider Classic fork Chrome
  • Lowrider Classic Fender Chrome
  • Lowrider Krate Pedal 1/2" Black/Chrome
  • Lowrider Handle Bar 11" 25.4mm Chrome
  • Lowrider Lucky 7 Sprocket 36T Chrome
  • Lowrider One Piece Crank 3 1/2" Chrome
  • Lowrider Chain Guard W/Line Chrome
  • Lowrider Stem 22.2 mm Single Bolts Chrome
  • Lowrider kickstand 8" Chrome
  • Lowrider Head Set 22.2x32.5x27mm Chrome
  • Lowrider Bottom Bracket Set 5/16x9 24t Chrome
  • Lowrider Clear Front Reflector
  • Lowrider Sissy Bar Reflector
  • Lowrider Spoke Reflector
  • Lowrider Seat Post 22.2mm Chrome
  • Lowrider Seat Post Clamp 1" Chrome
  • Lowrider Chain 1/2x1/8x112 Chrome

IMPORTANT: Lowrider has currently put all bike building and shipping on hold. Contact us when this bike would potentially ship.

NOTE ON FULFILLMENT: This product can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to fulfill given it is either a special order product or we are expecting an inbound shipment from the supplier within that time.