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Great Beach Cruiser Bicycles

Beach cruiser bicycles is an excellent way to get around without a car and more practical for people who are not serious cyclists. Beach Cruiser Bicycles are very popular in countries, such as Denmark and the Netherlands, where the population does much of their commuting by bicycle. Cruiser bicycles, which come with chain guards and other elements that protect clothing, come in a variety of styles and prices.

Cruisers are durable bikes used to get around a city, town or suburb on a normal day. These bikes are generally heavy in comparison to road and mountain bikes but this weight is what makes the bike so luxurious. They generally come with a rear rack -- part of the bike frame rather than an accessory -- that can accommodate a fair amount of weight. Many also come with fenders, front lights and chain guards. Some even come equipped with skirt/coat guards.

Beach-style cruisers come in an array of colors and styles. Some even have very creative paint jobs. These bikes, like Amsterdam-style cruisers, often come with chain guards, but rarely come equipped with rear racks, chain guards or fenders. These bicycles can be ridden around a fairly flat city or town with ease. They are not quite as all-purpose as Amsterdam-style cruisers, but appeal to the fun, creative, and fashionable rider.