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Beach Cruiser Bikes Article

Beach cruiser bikes are for the leisure rider who rides more for recreation than competition. Most cruiser bikes have retro or vintage looks, reminiscent of the time when cruiser bikes made their first appearance and became popular several decades ago. Many people think of Schwinn when they think of beach cruisers. This is because Schwinn cruiser bicycles were popular in the latter half of the 20th century. Cruiser bikes were an effort by Schwinn to jump-start the market by creating a bike targeted at youth. In the 1930s, founder Frank Schwinn wanted to build a bike that was versatile for recreation and durable. He built both the men's and women's World B10E Motorbikes. In the 1960s, consumers preferred multiple speed bikes and were more inclined to the BMX bikes. New models were introduced, and handbrakes were added. Beach cruiser bikes have long and round handles and fenders Some bikes come with oversized seats and leather grips to make riding easier. They also have wider tires. Cruiser bikes may also have coaster brakes, which allows you to brake my pedaling slowly or reverse pedaling. Bikesxpress believes Beach Cruiser Bikes are the best cruiser bikes made. Visit 26" Beach Cruiser Bikes / Cruiser Bicycles / Beach Bikes to view some of the latest styles.