WTB Horizon Road TCS Light Fast Rolling Tire, 650B x 47mm, Tubeless Folding, Belted, Black

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• Smooth centerline and all-weather herringbone pattern with cornering channels make anything possible
• High volume road provides deceivingly svelte performance on pavement, with resiliency that isn`t shaken by chasing confidants down dusty dirt roads
• TCS - WTB`s Tubeless Compatible System, sealant based tubeless system with improved bead shape
• Light - Lighter weight compound conforms to trail objects while still providing a happy balance between low rotational weight and reliability
• FR - Fast Rolling, with WTB`s Dual DNA rubber compound that optimizes efficiency, traction and durability, A firm, long-wearing centerline tread with softer side knobs
• SG2 - Defends all surfaces of a tire by providing an uninterrupted layer of puncture protection from bead to bead
• DNA2 – Dual DNA is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction, and durability – firm centerline with softer shoulders and sides


Size: 650B x 47mm
ISO: 584
Bead: Tubeless Folding
Belted: Belted
Color: Black
TPI: 120
Reflective Sidewall: No