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Phantom Bikes

Taking a beach cruiser bicycle and mounting an engine in it. Searching the internet to find things that he would need, John Allen King noticed that this was not a new idea at all. He saw what was out there and said, “I can build a better bike.”  

After he and his friend had completed two bicycles for themselves and ran them around town, the word got out that they had built these motorized bicycles and people were willing to pay to build them one. John and his friend looked at each other and said “why not.”

Phantom Bikes is an upscale lifestyle brand that captures the inventive style of ride from the board track bikes of the 1930’s, a bike with class and style. 

Phantom Bikes is inspired by the American dream of an open road and freedom of discovery. In a world full of mass-produced, cheap foreign knock-offs - Phantom bikes sets itself apart with the most comfortable and distinctive retro-styled electric bikes on the market today! 

Discover the most comfortable, unique and distinctively styled electric powered bikes available today!
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