Hard Tail \ Front Suspension

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Hardtail mountain bikes have certain advantages including that they are mechanically simpler.  Since they have no pivots, and rear shocks, there is less maintenane. They are also typically less expensive than full suspension bikes. Because there are fewer parts they are also typically lighter. Using them on hard terrain is more challenging which can also be more fun!

Front suspension is often implemented with a set of shock absorbers in the front fork. The suspension travel and handling characteristics vary depending on the type of mountain biking the fork is designed for.Besides providing obvious comfort to the rider, suspensions improve both safety and efficiency by keeping one or both wheels in contact with the ground and allowing the rider's body mass to move over the ground in a flatter trajectory. Front suspension mountain bikes or hard tail mountain bikes for off-road trails and rough terrain or use it for your everyday urban riding through the city. Any type of terrain is no match for these durable bikes.