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Energie Cycles

At Energie cycles we look up to our family as they offer some amazing resources and expertise.

Rechargeable Power Energy North America is the parent company behind the design and launch of the energie cycles brand.

RPE is a US trading corporation involved in developing Lithium battery related products 

Rechargeable Power Energy


Rechargeable Power Energy North America is a leading Battery solutions provider specializing in all chemistry types and sizes. From single cells up to multiple cell packs and full battery management systems design and development we are your source for quality and reliability. With assembly facilities in Las Vegas and sales locations across North America, we are more than ready to handle any type of battery requirement regardless of complexity and industry. Value Added Capabilities - Engineering and Technology RPE employs leading chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers, project and supply chain managers, and regulatory experts who are specifically skilled to turn our customers' designs and ideas into products ready for todays fast paced global market.

The fact is todays energy solutions can no longer be developed separate from the product. They must be holistically integrated with the initial design as an integral part of the equipment development process from product inception through final assembly. We here at RPE, work closely with suppliers and customers to ensure all requirements are met and delivered at the best value and with the highest performing solution available.

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