Cycle Force Trail-Monster Cargo Trailer


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Cycle Force SKU: N-1060001

20x 3.00 Oversized Tires and quick release wheels
ED Rust-Proof Black finish and is foldable
Made from strong steel with quick detatch pins on both ends so gates can be opened or removed
Quickly attaches to most bicycle axles
Base area of 41 x 17 x 10 inches and is rated at over 275 lbs. of capacity

The Trail-Monster from Cycle Force is a trailer built to a higher standard. With 20 x 3.0 inch wheels and a huge cargo bed, the Trail-Monster is an ideal companion for your Fat Bike or on your next hunting expedition. With an extra large base of 41 x 17 x 10 and gates that open, you fit game, lumber, or whatever else you can throw at the monster.

Cycle Force Trailers are designed witth the cycling professional or extreme user in mind.

At Cycle Force we aim to produce the best products for the cycling professional, hunters and outdoorsmen. We know what our user requires in their cycling gear, are we provide it at an affordable price.