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Beach Cruiser is a family name of classic style bicycles that offer a relaxed ride for cruising around the beach or town. Here are things to consider when purchasing a beach cruiser:

  • Gender: Most bikes are a traditional design that can be used by men or women (unisex). However, there are certain models that have a step-through frame that are geared toward women.
  • Wheel Size: Cruiser sizes are best determined by the wheel size. 26" is the most common and fits most adults. 20" - 24" are for shorter adults, teens or children or for those looking for a low profile chopper style bike. 29" is a larger wheel for more stability and traction yet still fits most adults.
  • Speeds: Cruisers are traditionally know as single speed bikes given their simplicity. However, they also come in 3, 7 or 21 speeds for easier riding or tackling hills.
  • Frame Material: Most cruisers are made of steel. However, some models are made out of aluminum for lighter weight and better protection from rust over time. 
  • Style: You'll find a range of styles from classic to chopper with different wheel, seat and handlebar setups. It really depends on your taste.

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Wheel Size
Wheel Size
Micargi Pantera 24" Women's Beach Bike Cruiser
Firmstrong Urban Lady 3 Speed Beach Cruiser
Micargi Pantera 7 Speed Women's Beach Cruiser
Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed - Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike
Firmstrong Urban Lady 26" 21 Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Micargi Rover GX Beach Bike Cruiser 26 (Women's)
Firmstrong Urban Lady 7 Speed Beach Cruiser Bike
Micargi Tahiti Beach Bike Cruiser 26" Women's
$229.99 | $289.00
Firmstrong Urban Lady 3 Speed 24" Beach Cruisers Bike (Female)