Duro Cruiser Tire, 24" x 1.75", Brick Tread, Black + White Sidewall


SKU: duro-hf-120-blk-wht-24-1.75

This tire is a classic beach cruiser tire with a “brick wall” tread while coming an assortment of color options.

  • Brand: Duro
  • Model” HF-120A
  • Size: 24" x 1.75"
  • Tread Style: Brick Pattern
  • Use: Beach Cruiser, City Riding
  • PSI: 40
  • Color(s): Black with White Sidewall


PRODUCT NOTES: All tires are sold individually unless otherwise noted. Tubes are not included unless otherwise noted or purchased as an accessory. Wheel rim shown in photograph for illustration purposes only and not included.