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The 24" beach cruiser bike accommodates young teens and smaller adults. Typically our 24" beach cruiser bikes are good for people that are 4'3" - 5'3" in height. We have these great colorful beach cruiser bikes available in several different colors and models.


Body Glove Mantis Beach Cruiser Bikes

Micargi Beach Cruiser Bikes

Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bikes

Micargi Rover 24" Women's Beach Cruiser
$249.95 | $319.00

Micargi Bicycles

Micargi Pantera 24" Women's Beach Bike Cruiser

Micargi Bicycles

Micargi Rover NX3 Beach Bike Cruiser 24 (female)

Micargi Bicycles

Micargi Tahiti 24" 7sp Women's Beach Bike Cruiser
$294.95 | $345.00

Micargi Bicycles