6KU Fixed Gear Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Bike

Damon Miller


6KU Fixed Gear Bike is a very awesome Fixie Bike. Its the coolest Fixed Gear Bike that is out at the moment. When you’re going quick into a turn on a Fixed Gear Bike with a standard head tube angle, sometimes you would have to turn the handlebars along with leaning into your turn. But with a 6ku Fixed Gear Bike, the bike quickly turns with your lean which means the Fixed Gear Bike goes right with you as apposed to you slowing down to stay in control.

One great thing we like about these new Fixed Gear Bikes is that it's loaded with thicker 28c tires for getting more grip on the street and doing Fixed Gear Bike tricks. With thicker tires on your Fixed Gear Bike, you can jump off curbs without possibly blowing your tube and  better yet great for racing.

The 6ku Fixed Gear Bike offers an excellent riding experience, and it's a great in quality and has the best price in the current market.