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Motorized Bicycles / Motorized Bicycles / Motorized Bike

In many states, the speed limit for gas and electric motorized bicycles (before you must have registration, license and insurance) is 20 miles per hour.  Our gas powered motorized bicycles are very strong and capable of being fast.  For motor vehicle standards, their emissions are clean.  They get at least 150 miles per gallon.  On a half gallon tank, the gas powered motorized bicycle can drive 75 miles before you need to refill the tank.  They are 2 cycle engines, meaning that their lubrication is carried in the premixed gasoline.  If you travel too great of a distance, there is a possibility of damaging the engine.  We generally only recommend our gas powered cycles for short trips up to 30 miles at a time.

An understanding of mechanics, basic nuts and bolts, will be necessary.  Follow the maintenance guidelines and learn to troubleshoot, i.e. securely snug 3 areas around the engine to ensure that gaskets do not leak, adjust the chain and cable tensions.  When the engine is broken in properly, engine life expectancy is somewhere around 10,000 miles.  Engine gaskets, oil seals, crankshaft needle bearings, rings, and all other service parts are available through us.


All of our motorized bicycles are set up like motorcycles.  The clutch is on the left, throttle and front brake on the right and the rear brake is actuated by a pedal backwards coaster brake, unless the motorized bicycle has a different braking setup like v brakes or disc brakes.  2 into 1 brake levers are installed on all multi speed bikes.  Pull in the clutch, pedal up to 5 mph and let the clutch out, and the engine kicks right in.  There is a choke for cold starting and a handlebar mounted kill switch for stopping.  If you would like to pedal freely without the engine, pull in the clutch and press the locking clutch pin.  These are not centrifugal clutches, they are friction type dry clutches with serviceable and adjustable clutch pads and plates.